Sunmi Looks Like She Gained Weight In New Photos And Fans Are Completely In Love With Her New Look

“I’m so jealous that she can look prettier by gaining weight.”

Sunmi updated her Instagram with new selfies and it made headlines in Korean press as they claimed she looked to have gained a bit of weight in the recent days.

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Sunmi revealed earlier this year that she purposefully put on over 15 lbs, and it appears she’s been maintaining it over the couple of months.


Her cheeks looked a bit fuller as she radiated her stunning visuals to her fans!


And netizens and fans alike showered her with praise, claiming she looked better than ever!

“She looks so good after gaining weight. She’s beautiful”

“I’m so jealous that she can look prettier by gaining weight. Just how skinny was she?”

“She looks 3x as more womanly with her new weight gain”

“Wow these photos of Sunmi are the prettiest I’ve ever seen of her she looks so good here!!”

— K-Netizens


Although it’s no lie that Sunmi looks stunning in these photos, no one can deny that Sunmi’s always looked beautiful no matter her weight or size!

Source: My Daily