Super Junior Holds 15 Year Anniversary Fan Meeting And Discuss Future Plans For A 19+ Only Concert?

What an incredible accomplishment

Veteran and legendary boy group Super Junior just celebrated their 15th anniversary and they did so by celebrating with their very own fan club, ELF.

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The boys launched an online fan meeting, Beyond LIVE – SUPER JUNIOR 15th Anniversary Special Event that went live on V Live on November 7th. It was during the fan meeting that the members looked back on their activities as a group.

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Debuting in 2005, the global group has released over 100 albums combined within all their groups and units. They have performed over 157 times in 27 different cities around the world. They truly made an immediate impact in the K-Pop world with their killer visuals, catchy songs and synchronized choreography.

It was during a segment in the fan meeting that the members were watching a video to commemorate their time together. This is when the leader of the group, Leeteuk made a statement that warmed fans’ hearts.

Even after 15 years, all my members are still so cool.

— Leeteuk

It was at this online fan meeting that fans requested the members hold another show 10 years later. To which the members of the group responded their consideration.

Actually, some fans requested that we do a 19+ concert and for only adult fans to be allowed.

— Super Junior

Leeteuk went a step further just to show his love and appreciation for not only his group but his fans by saying,

Even past the 10 years, when I die, I will do a “super show” in heaven.

— Leeteuk

The members concluded the fan meeting by telling their fans that they promise to stand on stage and remain together for a long, long time.

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Congratulations to the boys of Super Junior and their beautiful 15 years together!

Source: Nate, Nate and Twitter

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