Super Junior’s Donghae Disgusts The Entire Internet With A Single Photo Of His Breakfast

Everyone has personal taste.

Super Junior‘s Donghae has gone viral online for an entirely unexpected reason.

Super Junior’s Donghae

K-Pop idols often share their meals, be it for product placement or just to share their personal tastes. For example, BTS Jungkook‘s recipe for ramen went viral, and Red Velvet‘s Seulgi was known for her love of pringles.

Red Velvet’s Seulgi

On the other hand, some idol-related recipes have gained infamy, like the notorious Inkigayo sandwiches


…or GOT7 Jackson Wang‘s chicken breast shake that not even his members could stomach.

Recently, Super Junior’s Donghae shared one of his meals and went viral in the process.

Donghae is known for his physique and takes his working out very seriously.


One of the most effective meals to maximize the amount of protein one takes in usually contains chicken breast in some form or fashion. Buff idols like Stray KidsChangbin and NCT‘s Jaemin have discussed consuming chicken and rice meals.

On December 29, Donghae shared a photo of his breakfast on Dear. U Bubble, which was reposted to X by fans. According to the repost, Donghae’s meal consisted of plain chicken breast and oatmeal, a variation of the protein-focused meal.

The photo was a bit surprising, as the chicken appeared not to be seasoned along with the brown shade of the oatmeal. After the photo was shared, it racked up more than 1.2 million views.

Individuals from all corners of the internet questioned the admittedly interesting-looking meal.

Ultimately, Donghae can eat whatever he wants and maybe the combination is worth trying out!

Check out the trailer for Donghae’s recent drama, Between Him And Her. 

Super Junior