Super Junior’s Eunhyuk And Leeteuk Prove To Be True IKONICs At “KAMP LA 2022”

They are such supportive sunbaes!

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk and Leeteuk revealed themselves as true IKONICs At KAMP LA 2022.

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk (left) and Leeteuk (right)

While KAMP LA 2022 didn’t turn out quite as we all had imagined, the groups that did end up performing absolutely killed it. Two of these were Super Junior and iKON,Β although there were concerns Super Junior wouldn’t be able to make it due to visa issues like many other artists. Still, both groups delivered not only unbelievable performances but excellent fan service.

Super Junior especially has been receiving praise for how they handled the awkward meet-and-greet situation. Fans were greatly disappointed that the $1,000 USD VIP experience, including the meet and greet, was essentially just the idols standing against a backdrop from about ten feet away as fans walked by and waved from behind a barricade.

Being the legends they are, Super Junior disregarded what the staff told them. So, they went straight up to the rail to interact with fans face-to-face.

So, it became a hi-touch event!

The members even took some selfies and talked with ELFs (Super Junior fans).

Multi-fan Katie Drysen (@ktacd247 on Twitter) shared a video from the meet-and-greet. Since she was recording, Eunhyuk noticed a photocard of iKON’s Bobby in her phone case.

So, Leeteuk asked if she was a fan of iKON, which provoked both Super Junior members to sing iKON’s hit song “Love Scenario.” They expressed that they were fans of iKON, particularly Bobby, too!

Super Junior are great sunbaes, always supporting their fellow idols!

iKON stole the hearts of everyone at KAMP LA 2022. Read more below.

iKON’s Fan Service And Performance Stole The Hearts Of Other Fandoms At “KAMP LA 2022”

Source: ktacd247

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