Here’s What Super Junior’s Heechul Actually Thinks About The Online Hater Who Begged Him To Cancel The Lawsuit

“I don’t think the person who wrote that comment was the malicious commenter.” — Heechul

Super Junior‘s Heechul doesn’t take malicious comments lightly, and he made that very clear when he recently hired 6 lawyers to take them to court.

But when Heechul sued the malicious commenters, one of them posted a comment pleading for Heechul to cancel the lawsuit due to their family’s difficult financial circumstances.

If you see this comment, please forgive me. It was really a mistake and I don’t have the ability to pay such a huge amount of money. Are you really going to live like this – suing the regular people with no power, while you live fine? When you are a celebrity?? You aren’t the Heechul from Super Junior that I thought you were. From some day on, you began to be greedy about money. If you are a celebrity, you can’t live like that! How can you be like this towards a fan? My parents don’t have money and we only have lots of debts. Please think about my family situation and cancel the lawsuit. I have conveyed this to you clearly. If you see this and do not say anything, you are basically killing a person. Please change your wrong choices now!

— Malicious Commenter

And in a recent interview with Sisa Journal, Heechul shared his surprising perspective on the online hater who threatened him.

Heechul expressed,

I don’t think the person who wrote that comment was the malicious commenter. I think it was a fan who’s very clever.

— Heechul

He continued,

That comment was pretty much a threat. While some people might feel intimidated by it, others just go, ‘What the heck is this? This is so annoying.’ I’m the latter.

— Heechul

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In other words, Heechul doesn’t think a malicious commenter posted that threat at all.

I feel like one of my fans posted that comment as a way of cheering me on and giving me another nudge out of worry that my heart might grow weak and I end up going easy on them.

— Heechul

And as such, Heechul stressed to his fans that he will see the lawsuits through and teach the malicious commenters a lesson.

From my own experience, many people go through a hard time trying to catch the culprits. I’ve already received a lot of support, so I won’t stop my battle against the malicious commenters.

— Heechul

Go get ’em, Heechul!

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