A Survivor Of The Itaewon Halloween Emergency Takes To Social Media To Find The Men Who Helped Save Him

Normal citizens helped carry him to an ambulance.

On October 29, an estimated 100,000 people gathered in Itaewon to celebrate Halloween. During the celebrations, many people ended up trapped in a crowd surge while attempting to navigate through a narrow alley. Many people began to suffocate and suffer from cardiac arrest, with the current toll numbers at 156 killed and 172 injured as of November 2, 2022, 11am KST.

The Itaewon alley, where the crowd surge took place.

Stories from witnesses and survivors of the event have been shared online, with many individuals’ heroic actions being highlighted after they helped victims like the Korean BJ (Broadcast Jockey) Vegeta who helped save more than 10 people.

BJ Vegeta

Another survivor’s father shared his story online about the couple that helped him save his daughter after he ran miles with her on his back to seek medical attention.

Rescue workers and citizens trying to help victims at Itaewon | Lee Jin-man /AP

This time another survivor has taken to social media in order to find the men that helped save him during the emergency.

The survivor named Sung Jae shared that he is 25 years old and was visiting Itaewon to visit a friend. He says that he and his friend got caught up in the crowd before realizing how dangerous the situation had become. Once the crowd crush happened, he stated that he was trapped for a long time before rescue teams arrived.

After what felt like long minutes, the rescue team arrived and started to drag people out. At that point, I was barely conscious. I blacked out at some point.

— Sung Jae

He says that he woke up later on as he was being carried to an ambulance.

Luckily, I woke up when I was carried to an ambulance. I think that normal people were carrying me and rescued me. At least one of them was a foreigner, if I remember correctly. I really wish I could thank you probably! I was wearing a gray top with a denim shirt and black trousers.

—Sung Jae

Sung Jae shares that he suffered broken ribs, bruises, and a sprained ankle but that he and his friend both made it out of the emergency alive. His purpose behind sharing his story was to find the men that helped to save him and thank them, as well as any other normal citizens who assisted medical personnel.

I’ll never forget this incident in Itaewon and I’m forever thankful for the rescue team, the police and also the normal people who helped and performed CPR. It was a terrifying experience that should have never happened and so many young lives were lost. My thoughts are with all the victims and their families. May they rest in peace.

— Sung Jae

A photo shared by Sung Jae in what appears to be his hospital room. | @BdanceMR/Twitter

After sharing his story and receiving well wishes, Sung Jae posted an update saying that he would be released from the hospital soon and that some of the men that helped people had reached out to him.

We hope Sung Jae and all other survivors recover well from their injuries.

Source: @BdanceMr

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