Suzy Gains Attention For Ageing Backwards In Latest Update

She didn’t age at all.

Actress and singer Suzy has always won the public’s hearts for her innocent looks. She recently stunned in a GUESS campaign where she showed off a more charismatic and mature side. With her sharp jawline, dark eyeliner, and bangs, she exuded sultry charm.


Fans were pleasantly surprised when she posted a series of photos, close to void of makeup. With a simple “hello,” she greeted fans casually.

The photos had a film camera feel to them, making fans feel nostaglic.

Many felt that she aged backward, even going back to her Dream High days.

She certainly looks like how she did back then.

Dream High might be a whole 12 years ago, but Go Hye Mi lives on forever. With her bangs, she looks exactly like her beloved debut character.

Suzy in Dream High. | KBS

She doesn’t look like she has aged since then.

As expected, no one does innocent and pure like Suzy!

The nation’s first love indeed.

Netizens couldn’t help themselves as they saw her teenage self in the new photos.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Go Hye Mi grew up so much.
  • Wow, I see her younger face. Pretty.
  • I love these photos of Suzy with that everyday vibe.
  • Why has she become such a baby? She looks like her rookie days.
  • No but this entire post, how can she look like that?
  • Why does she still have that youthful beauty to her?

She’s not Suzy for nothing!

Source: theqoo


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