Taemin Gives A Memorial Speech About Jonghyun During “Music Bank In Chile”

Taemin brings tears to the eyes of the audience with references to the late Jonghyun.

Taemin appeared on Music Bank in Chile and brought tears to the eyes of the audience.


Taemin participated in Music Bank in Chile as the representative of SHINee.


Before his appearance, the Music Bank hosts took some time to commemorate Jonghyun.

A heartbreaking clip showed fans gathered in front of the Korean Embassy at Chile after news of Jonghyun’s passing singing SHINee’s “Replay” in unison.


Then they invited Taemin onto the stage to perform for his fans.

 “We hope that Taemin’s performance will be a source of happiness and consolation. I want to say that [Jonghyun] will forever be remembered as an incredible artist in the eyes of his fans in Chile.”  — Music Bank MCs


Taemin expressed his regret for not being able to stand on stage with all of his members.

“I came here 4 years ago with my SHINee members for a concert. Coming back here brings back memories.” — Taemin


Fans were getting emotional as Taemin talked about SHINee’s concert 4 years ago where he stood on stage with all of his members.

“Its a little unfortunate that I wasn’t able to come here with my members, right? That’s why I prepared a special present for everyone.” — Taemin


As a surprise, Taemin revealed a special video by SHINee’s Key!

“We’re very sad that we weren’t able to attend the concert, but Taemin went as our representative to greet our fans. Please cheer him on just as you did 4 years ago.” — Key


Not only was the video a special gift, Key gave their sorrowful fans another special gift by telling Taemin to pose especially for the Chile fans right on stage!


After shyly posing for his fans, Taemin asked them to treasure this moment and continued onto his next song for Jonghyun.


Fans became even more emotional as Taemin sang his ballad song “Hypnosis”.


With Taemin’s performance, everyone was once again reminded of the tragic day of Jonghyun’s passing. Although Jonghyun may no longer live among us, he will forever live in the hearts of his friends and family, his SHINee members, fellow celebrities and fans from around the world.


Watch Taemin’s full performance on Music Bank in Chile below:

SHINee Jonghyun's Passing