SHINee’s Taemin Enlists Into The Army Amidst Crowds Of Fans, Minho Sends Him Off

Korean media captured photos of his enlistment.

Previously, it was reported that SHINee‘s Taemin would be enlisting into the army on May 31, 2021. While fans are still unable to accept the fact that they will be sending their baby maknae off, Taemin managed to enter the training center without much incident.

Even so, crowds of both reporters and fans gathered to catch a last glimpse of the star.

He was flanked by two bodyguards who helped him enter the center without getting obstructed.

Taemin got out of the van and made his way in, wearing a casual black hoodie and a matching cap.

The plain attire could not hide his handsome looks!

Throngs of fans had come to send him off. A senior officer was sent to help keep the peace and escort him into the center.


Fans weren’t the only ones who greeted him as he entered the Nonsan Army Training Facility for fresh enlistees. Fellow SHINee member, Minho, accompanied Taemin in the van all the way to the center.

I’m always on your side. Taemin-ah, come back healthy. Hyung is always on your side. I love and support you!

— Minho

The other members had gathered to spend time with Taemin just a day before. Key had uploaded the adorable group photo with the caption, “Come back safely!

This might be the last we hear from the baby cheese in a while, given that during basic training, which lasts for 6 weeks, the soldiers are not able to use their handphones. After the 6 weeks however, they are given some time off in the evening for leisure and contact. Shawols, hang in ’til then!

Source: Korea Daily and theqoo