Taeyeon’s Fans Unite To Condemn SM Entertainment — Sends 5 Protest Trucks


Fans of Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon sent SM Entertainment protest trucks.

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On June 23, video and pictures of protest trucks sent to SM Entertainment went viral. According to netizens, fans from Korea and China united to voice their disapproval.

Fans sent the trucks in protest of Taeyeon’s concert venue in Indonesia. Previously it was reported that the idol’s concert in the country would be held at Hall 5 in the Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE). A venue that only holds up to 5,000 people.

Although 5,000 people is a sizeable audience, it is relatively tiny compared to the 20,000-seat concert in Tokyo, which quickly sold out.

Below are the translations for the truck’s messages protesting the small venue.

  • The expected audience for Taeyeon’s arena tour is baffling. Taeyeon is the only one without a tour, and you guys are cutting down the audience?

  • Realize the large size of her fandom and find a larger venue. Give us correct feedback on her tour schedule through promotional articles.

  • SM’s fancy 3.0 turns out to be all hype. There was only 2 self-produced content (featuring Taeyeon) in 9 months. Is this SM’s idea of fair?

  • Hire enough staff for your self-produced content and do it right. Produce the contents fairly without discrimination.

  • I’m in front of the police to sue (commenters) and will report it under SM. You guys took the evidence and told us you would take care of it, but we haven’t heard back?

  • Before Kwangya119, show us the results of the lawsuit. Update us on the lawsuit against malicious commenters.

  • She is capable of a world tour, but her Asia tour is already a mess. Where are the plans you had for her in your press release? The self-produced content has gone missing. When will 3.0 begin?

Previously, Taeyeon seemingly threw shade at SM Entertainment over the idol’s Indonesia concert. Read more about it in the link below.

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