Taiwanese group Under Lover accused of plagiarizing BEAST’s Ribbon

Fans pointed out that the melody for Under Lover‘s new song “flight” may be plagiarized from BEAST‘s “Ribbon”.

Taiwanese duo Under Lover recently released their new song “flight” however fans have noticed that the melody of the song is similar to BEAST’s “Ribbon”.

Cube Entertainment is the partial copyright holder of the song because it was released under BEAST, prior to the formation of Highlight.

They confirmed that they will be looking into the issue to determine whether there was any plagiarism or not and that they will work with Around Us Entertainment on the case.

Yong Junhyung is the other copyright holder for the song and his agency confirmed they will be looking into the issue as well.

“We will need to confirm whether the Taiwanese artist did or did not plagiarize the song. We will reveal our official position after looking into is.”

— Around Us Entertainment

Earlier in the year, “Ribbon” was at the center of another plagiarism controversy with rookie group B.HEART being accused of taking components of the song and adding it to their debut track “Realistic”.

Several other plagiarism accusations have emerged this year involving EXO, VIXX, GOT7, TWICE, and BEAST again.

You can listen to the two songs below.

BEAST – “Ribbon”

Under Lover – “flight”