[★BREAKING] Tao breaks his silence amid reports of departure from EXO

Ever since Tao’s dad wrote an emotional letter on Weibo, leading to reports that Tao will be leaving EXO, fans have been waiting for an official statement from the artist himself.

On April 26th, Tao finally broke his silence and posted a short message on Weibo. The simple post reads, “Sorry. Grateful.

The exact meaning of the post is unknown; however, fans are speculating that Tao is either apologizing for making the fans worry over the past few days, or that he is actually going to leave EXO and thus is apologetic.

Earlier, SM Entertainment confirmed that there has been an ongoing dispute, and EXO members Xiumin and Lay deleted their Instagram account and posts, respectively, amid speculations of Tao’s departure.

Source: Weibo