Teen Top’s C.A.P To Enlist In Military — Half Of The Group Will Now Be In Service

This leaves 2 members!

Teen Top‘s C.A.P will be enlisting in the military in May. He is 29 years old in Korean age this year. His agency, T.O.P Media, announced the news via their official homepage.

Hello. This is T.O.P Media. Teen Top’s C.A.P will be enlisting on May 10, 2021 to complete his civic duty. The location and time of the enlistment will not be disclosed, and we seek your understanding of this. We hope fans will show him much support, such that he is able to complete his service well. When it has been confirmed, we will be announcing via the fan cafe, an address at which fans can send him letters. Thank you.

— T.O.P Media

Apart from C.A.P, two other members have already enlisted. Chunji had enlisted in August 2020, while Ricky left for service in January 2021. This leaves the maknae line, Niel and Changjo who have yet to serve. With more than half the group in the military, fans are anxious about the group.

Source: Star Today

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