Thomas McDonell Reveals Messages Goo Hara Sent Him Earlier This Year

It truly showed her personality.

Hollywood actor, Thomas McDonell, revealed the messages he received from Goo Hara earlier this year. He uploaded the screenshot to his Twitter, where Goo Hara can be seen personally reaching out to thank him for his interest in the Korean culture.

Hello, Thomas. I’m a singer from Korea, named Goo Hara of KARA!

Thank you for following me, and thank you for loving Korea.

— Goo Hara


Although Thomas McDonell and Goo Hara have never met, she took the initiative to reach out to him first to thank him for his interest.


Thomas uploaded the post with his favorite part of the message, “And thank you for loving Korea.


Thomas McDonell is a well known advocate for K-Pop and Korean culture in the Hollywood scene. Although he is active in the States, he visits Korea often and keeps up with the fandoms and other aspects of the culture through his social media accounts.


Thomas McDonell’s post proved once again just how open and loving Goo Hara was to both her loved ones and strangers.

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