Three Members Of Newkidd Have Been Missing And Hospitalized, And Fans Demand Answers

The three members have disappeared since April.

Due to all of the attention that’s been placed on major companies like FNC Entertainment and the alleged bullying in AOA that caused Jimin to withdraw from the group, the issues of smaller groups like J-FLO Entertainment‘s Newkidd have gone under the radar.

Still, fans have been doing their best to draw attention to a serious matter that has them worried. Although Newkidd is a seven-member group, someone who’s taken a look at their social media accounts wouldn’t be able to tell because half of them have been missing.

In the group’s latest Twitter posts and YouTube videos, there have only been four members: Hwi, Woochul, Jinkwan, and Yunmin.

Naturally, fans wanted to know where the other half of the members were. A few months ago, J-FLO Entertainment answered that question. At least, they attempted to.

Through the group’s fan cafe, which is only accessible to Korean fans, the company finally addressed the issue. In the post, the company admitted, “Unfortunately, some of the members are hospitalized for medical treatment due to health issues.”

Unlike other statements made by entertainment companies, they opted not to specify which members were getting treatment, “Please understand that we cannot disclose the names due to privacy matters.”

Even so, it became clear from the group’s social media who had been hospitalized: Hansol, Jiann, and Seungchan. What has fans worried even more is that there haven’t been any updates in the months following that statement.

Through Hansol’s Instagram account, fans have even noticed the company try to recycle old photos of Hansol from back in January to make them appear as if they were recently taken.

Without any updates on Jiann, Seungchan, and Hansol after being hospitalized and missing since April, no one knows precisely what’s happened to the three members.

Fans won’t stop until J-FLO Entertainment gives an update on the well-being of the missing three members. Who could blame them? How can half a group disappear for months without being heard from?

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