Tiger JK Teases “Fire” Collaboration With BTS’s RM

This would surely be legendary!

Legends recognize legends!

Legendary artist and founder of Feel Ghood Music record label Tiger JK is teasing a new collaboration, and it’s with the legendary leader of BTS, RM!

BTS’s RM (left) and Tiger JK (right) | @drunkentigerjk/Instagram

Tiger JK very simply and straight to the point tweeted “RM” on February 10 afternoon EST.

Of course, the BTS leader’s name alone was to warrant everyone’s attention. Immediately, ARMYs were summoned to the comment section.

So, naturally, ARMYs wondered if this was a teaser for a collaboration between Tiger JK and RM.

Well, just one minute later… Tiger JK revealed that he was making something fire.

This only made fans more and more curious…

We’re connecting the dots, and we’re definitely discerning that he and RM are working on something together.

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So, some ARMYs are even asking Tiger JK if he knows anything about “WE” or “ME,” a reoccurring teaser from BTS these days. Is this perhaps the next upcoming single?

Another theory is that RM is going to collaborate with soloist BIBI. Tiger JK is her boss as he’s the CEO of her company Feel Ghood Music.

Last year, she appeared alongside Tiger JK in an interview for Rolling Stones Korea. During it, they revealed BIBI and RM were mutual fans of each other. So, BIBI hoped to collaborate with him in the future.

When BIBI’s song ‘Gambling should just be for fun, sir’ got released, RM was the first person to send a support message. He said he liked her music and the MV.

— Tiger JK

Whether it’s a BIBI x RM or Tiger JK x RM collaboration, the song is sure to be fire, just as Tiger JK teased! Whatever the reality, this would certainly not be the first collaboration between Tiger JK and RM. The two have a great friendship and have worked together in the past. Read all about it below:

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Source: @DrunkenTigerJK