Korean Netizens Petition For Haruto And Choi Hyunsuk’s Removal From Treasure 13

They sent YG a formal petition.

Treasure 13‘s Haruto has come under fire after being accused of disrespecting his seniors and conversing with sasaeng fans.


A popular forum post accused Haruto of allegedly conversing with “pretty sasaeng fans”. Supposedly, he contacted pretty fans on Instagram through direct message by sending them a selfie to prove his identity while using a private account.


The post claimed he sent them photos, videos, and even video chatted with them to show off the goods he received from other fans.


One of the fans leaked posts from Haruto’s alleged private account in efforts to prove that he’s been conversing with sasaeng fans.


Haruto was also recently caught up in a scandal where he held up a middle finger to his members for watching BLACKPINK‘s new video on his birthday. Fans claim he was not disrespecting BLACKPINK but putting up a middle finger as a sign of “older brother” in Japanese.

Caption: “It’s my birthday but you’re going to watch BLACKPINK seniors?”


Korean netizens and fans started a petition to remove Haruto from Treasure 13’s debut lineup. But they also included Choi Hyunsuk in their petitions for separate reasons.


They requested Haruto to be removed for “being friends with sasaeng fans through a private Instagram account” and “cursing at his members”. They requested Choi Hyunsuk’s removal for “watching a lyric video about drugs, threesomes, and prostitutes” while he was 14 years old.

They claimed these scandals will have a negative impact on Treasure 13’s debut as YG Entertainment is already currently under heavy scrutiny for Seungri’s Scandal.


Treasure 13 is scheduled to debut sometime this Spring or Summer. The member competed in an audition program called, YG’s TREASURE BOX, to officially debut in YG’s newest boy group since WINNER and iKON.

Source: Nate Pann (1) and (2) and MBC Sports
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