TREASURE’s Haruto Is A Successful Fanboy, Filming The “HELLO” Challenge With BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Fans have been waiting.

Time and time again, TREASURE have proven that they’re BLACKPINK‘s biggest fanboys. The members of TREASURE continually look up to their YG Entertainment sunbaes, whether by doing incredible covers of BLACKPINK songs or referencing them in their lyrics.


In TREASURE’s song “JIKJIN,” Yoshi referenced Lisa‘s part in “How You Like That.”

I wanted to show YG fans something fun about rapping, so I paid tribute to Lisa sunbaenim 🙇🏻‍♂️

— Yoshi

In their recent mini album, The Second Step: Chapter Two, Haruto also referenced Lisa’s part from “Pretty Savage” in their song “VolKno.”

If I can share a TMI…I worked on it last, right? There’s BLACKPINK lyrics in this one.

— Haruto

Fans of both groups have been hoping for an interaction between BLACKPINK and TREASURE and Haruto gave precisely what they wanted as he recently filmed their “HELLO” TikTok challenge with Lisa.

Haruto and Lisa | @yg_treasure_official/TikTok

As expected, Lisa pulled off the energetic choreography flawlessly.

| @yg_treasure_official/TikTok

And fans found it endearing how Haruto couldn’t seem to look at Lisa during the challenge.

| @yg_treasure_official/TikTok



There’s no denying that Haruto has become the “most successful fanboy.”

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You can listen to “HELLO” here.

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