Former TREASURE’s Mashiho Opens His Instagram Account And Dedicates His First Post To His Fans

“From now on, I want to try my best to return the favor…”

On November 7, 2022, YG Entertainment announced that Bang Yedam and Mashiho would be leaving TREASURE after the termination of their contracts.

Bang Yedam

Although the news wasn’t a surprise to netizens, as Bang Yedam and Mashiho had previously been on a long hiatus and excluded from group content, fans were devastated by the news, and many hoped that the two would continue to “drop some good music.”

| theqoo
  • “Yedam should have been a solo artist. His voice is so unique, but was overshadowed by the 12-member group.”
  • “He’s leaving the group, not YG, right? Rather than look for another label, please drop some good music.”
  • “Ah, I hoped it wouldn’t come to this.”
  • “Ah…”
  • “Wow.”
  • “I knew this would happen, but even still… ㅠ.”
  • “Ah.”

And now Mashiho has delighted fans by opening his own Instagram account on his birthday.

Fans celebrated Mashiho’s return and are eagerly awaiting his future posts.

In his first Instagram post, Mashiho even wrote a letter addressed to fans, thanking them for waiting for him. He wrote it in Japanese, Korean, and English to make sure as many fans could understand his heartfelt words as possible.

Mashiho’s now-deleted Instagram story | @trsrupdates/Twitter

And BUGVEL‘s Mahiro even uploaded an Instagram story, confirming that it was Mashiho’s new account.

BUGVEL Mahiro’s Instagram story | @12solamifasol/Twitter

And then tagged Mashiho’s new account as he wished him a happy birthday.

| @warmjunkyu/Twitter

Mahiro was on the survival show YG Treasure Box with Mashiho, and Mahiro had previously reassured fans upon Mashiho’s departure from TREASURE. So fans are once again expressing their gratitude to the idol.

You can see Mashiho’s new Instagram account here.

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