Triple Gold Medalist Archer An San Bursts Into Tears Seeing OH MY GIRL On Stage — Here’s Why

Olympic goals? ✔️ Done. Fangirl goals? ✔️ Also done.

An San, the South Korean archer and history-making triple gold medalist at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, made her guest appearance as a special audience in a recent episode of You Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook.

Archer An San | @koreaarchery_official/Instagram

And while watching the girl group OH MY GIRL perform their hit tracks on stage…

An San (far left) watching OH MY GIRL perform. | KBS

…the archer got caught on camera bursting into tears, overwhelmed by getting to see the members live in person!

Her sketchbook says, “I can’t think of any fangirly comments right now.” | KBS

Surprised by the emotional reaction, You Hee Yeol and OH MY GIRL members asked An San why she’s crying. An San replied in a trembling voice, while hiding behind her sketchbook that read, “I FOUND MY GIRLS!”

I’m- I’m just so happy right now.

— An San

While Seunghee got teary-eyed with appreciation, OH MY GIRL members thanked her for the support and claimed she is their star!

Oh my, please don’t cry! You’re our star too. We watched you on television! Thank you so much…


This isn’t the first time An San had her K-Pop fangirl dream come true. Her MooMoo pride got noticed by MAMAMOO‘s Solar—who promised to invite An San to the group’s concert.

The radish lightstick representing MAMAMOO pinned on the strap on An San’s chest guard. | NAVER

Having pierced through the unreasonable online bullying over her beautiful hairstyle, An San has now become not only the most successful archer, but also the most successful fangirl.

And we simply can’t get enough of these legends stanning legends!

  • “Oh I feel this. I bawled my eyes out when I saw my biases in real life for the first time. She’s adorable!”
  • “LOL. She shoots arrows like the most unshakeable person on this planet… but then she also falls apart in front of a girl group. So cute!”
  • “Who knew I’d be into an archer who is into so many girl groups and cries while listening to OH MY GIRL’s ‘Dophin’ and ‘Dun Dun Dance’?”
  • “Aaaaaand now I’m crying.”

Watch the full clip here:

Source: THEQOO


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