Popular Korean Webtoon Artist Yaongyi Surprises Fans With A Beautiful Wedding

The newlyweds have been public with their relationship since 2019.

Webtoon artist Yaongyi, behind the beloved Korean series True Beauty, is now married to fellow webtoon artist Jeon Seon Wook!

Webtoon Artist Yaongyi | @meow91__/Instagram

In 2019, Yaongyi and Jeon Seon Wook made their relationship public. Combined with the news of Yaongyi being a single mother, the couple received a tremendous amount of love and support from webtoon fans.

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Three years later, on December 3, the two creatives tied the knot during a beautiful wedding surrounded by family and friends!

| @meow91__/Instagram

Thanks to you, oppa, I get to wear a wedding dress like this… though I did not expect it to be this heavy. You’re always so kind to me and unchanging in the ways that you care for me. And now, I won’t be alone anymore. We’ll be living life together. Had it not been for you, I would’ve never known this kind of stability. I’m so grateful for you. I promise I’m going to make you the happiest man alive. Here’s to our forever!

— Yaongyi

Famous guests like webtoon artist Joo Ho Min and actor Son Woo Min made the celebration public via Instagram stories.

Actor Son Woo Min wrote, “Congratulations!” | @son_wm/Instagram

Yaongyi then shared gorgeous wedding photos on Instagram, confirming the marriage and thanking the guests for sharing the meaningful occasion.

December 3, 2022

I’ve met the one I want to share the rest of my life with, and on this beautiful winter day, we became a married couple. Please bless us, and we’ll be forever grateful for your kindness. In fulfilling each other and protecting what we have, we promise to live happily ever after. Thank you.

— Yaongyi & Jeon Seon Wook

Jeon Seon Wook also posted gorgeous wedding photos, followed by the same caption.

What a stunning couple. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

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