“True Beauty” Webtoon Artist Yaongyi Posts A Worrying Message On Instagram

She has since deleted the message.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm that may disturb some readers.

True Beauty‘s webtoon artist, Yaongyi, posted a message on her Instagram story that worried many fans. In the post, which has since been deleted, Yaongi expressed her sadness over the difficulties in balancing work and childcare as a single mom.

| Star Today

She went on to claim how despite her efforts to remain positive during her difficult time, the constant pressure from the netizens weighs heavy on her—to the point of contemplating self-harm.

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I have no days to rest. Working moms would probably relate.

I stay up all night working, but not being able to spend time with my child is my biggest guilt and crime.

If I don’t think positively about it, I don’t think I’ll be able to hang in there. But even when I try not to think bad thoughts, I always end up worrying about what people think and even have extreme thoughts. It feels like I can’t do anything right and that I am just a nuisance to the people around me…

I think if I were gone, everyone would be happy.

— Yaongyi

Previously, Yaongyi admitted to being a divorced mom with a young son. Despite the negative views on divorced single moms by the conservative Korean society, she emphasized her drive to work hard and protect her son to the best of her ability.

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Fans have continued to cheer her on in the comments of her Instagram posts and are urging her to take care of her health.

Source: Star Today
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