TWICE Dahyun’s Airport Outfit Both Impresses And Worries Fans

Dahyun is headed to New York Fashion Week!

As New York Fashion Week kicks off, fans anticipate their faves potentially appearing during designers’ shows. TWICE‘s Dahyun was one of the idols suspected of making an appearance because of her affiliation with Michael Kors, who is holding a show during the event.


Last year, during the S/S New York Fashion Week, Dahyun made headlines for her gorgeous looks before and during the event and her unending charm.

On February 14, fans’ hopes were confirmed when it was announced that Dahyun would attend the Michael Kors event on February 15 and anticipated her airport looks. However, fans were both impressed and worried by her outfit once she arrived.

Dahyun was all smiles as she greeted reporters wearing a fashionable double-breasted blazer dress.

The dress showed off her long legs and accentuated her waist!

While she looked gorgeous, fans couldn’t help but wonder how she was managing in the outfit because of Korea’s extremely cold temperatures as of late! The day that Dahyun departed, temperatures fell below freezing, and it was windy!

Dahyun remained composed and didn’t seem to be affected by the weather very much as she walked inside of the airport and even paused for more photos at the entrance.

Luckily Dahyun didn’t have to stay outside for too long and is on her way to New York! Fans previously called Dahyun Elsa from Frozen during promotions for “Feel Special,” so maybe the cold never bothered her anyways!