TWICE’s Dahyun Picks The “Yes, I Am Dahyun” Concept That Best Represents Her… And It’s One That Left Fans Speechless

Do you agree with her choice?

Fans are incredibly excited for Dahyun to be the next member of TWICE to release her own photobook, Yes, I Am Dahyun.

Thanks to two already released teaser videos that show off Dahyun’s ability to pull off any concept, fans are already speechless as they wait for the official photobook to be released.

As a continuation of the teasers for Yes, I Am Dahyun, Dahyun filmed an ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) interview.

In the short interview, Dahyun addressed everything from what it was like to film with Ari, her dog…

… To which instrument she hopes to learn how to play next…

… To her diligent and yet healthy approach to a diet

… And to the concept from her photobook that best represents her.

TWICE’s Dahyun | TWICE/YouTube 

And while Dahyun struggled for a minute, trying to think of the best answer…

| TWICE/YouTube 

She pretty quickly settled on the black dress concept that had previously shocked fans.

| TWICE/YouTube 

The concept truly showed off her stunning elegance.

But although Dahyun believed that the black dress concept was most her, she also added that there was one look she felt especially comfortable in…

| TWICE/YouTube 

The “checkered Tofu pants” which Dahyun designed herself.

| TWICE/YouTube 
| TWICE/YouTube 

And although when they first saw the cozy look, fans were most focused on the adorable glasses Dahyun was wearing…

They weren’t surprised that Dahyun had taken the opportunity to once again promote the pants she loves so much.

And, of course, fans can’t wait to see Dahyun pull off all of the concepts, truly making them her own.

You can read more about Dahyun’s ASMR interview here.

TWICE’s Dahyun Reveals She’s On A Diet, But Her Healthy Approach To It Is Impressing ONCEs