Everybody Heard TWICE Nayeon’s Loud Laugh At The 2019 Asia Artist Awards

Cameras captured this adorable moment at the 2019 AAAs.

It’s time for another awards show, so you know what that means. New meme-able TWICE moments!


On November 26, TWICE attended the 2019 Asia Artist Awards in Vietnam. On the red carpet and at the ceremony, cameras captured some hilarious TWICEness, like Jeongyeon‘s sudden exit, and Nayeon‘s unmistakable laugh!


When the MCs asked TWICE about their outfits, the members immediately passed the mic to Dahyun, who never fails to give amusing answers.


When Dahyun explained their black and white outfits concept, Nayeon started giggling…


…but she completely cracked up when Dahyun called their look “cookies and cream”.


Her laugh was so loud that the MCs laughed too!


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TWICE’s Jeongyeon Made A Hilarious Exit At The 2019 Asia Artist Awards