TWICE’s Nayeon Withdraws Restraining Order Against Her German Stalker, JYP To Continue Taking Legal Action

The restraining order may be gone, but JYP is still fighting.

JYP Entertainment announced TWICE‘s Nayeon has decided to withdraw the restraining order against her German stalker, but the agency will continue to take all measures to protect her with a strict legal action plan.

According to an exclusive report from News1 on March 18, Nayeon submitted a request to the Seoul Central District Court on March 17 to have the restraining order against her German stalker withdrawn. The reasons for the request were not made public.

Following the reveal, JYP Entertainment confirmed the restraining order withdrawal was indeed true, but vowed to continue to protect Nayeon at all costs.

The restraining order injunction is a civil case, but due to issues with processing, we plan to drop that injunction for now. We will resume that injunction when [the stalker] enters the country again.

We have not dropped the criminal charges filed against him for obstruction of business. If and when the stalker enters the country, immigration officials will contact the police in charge, and he will immediately be taken from Incheon International Airport.

— JYP Entertainment

Roughly a month ago, the stalker expressed their wishes to return to Korea despite the restraining order request. The stalker has gone to extreme lengths in an attempt to contact Nayeon, including following them on their flight, leaking Chaeyoung’s phone number, and constantly hanging out around places connected to Nayeon.

Source: News1 and Maeil Kyungjae


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