TWICE Showcase Their Power Taking Over The Charts Worldwide And Setting Records With “MORE & MORE”

The powerful queens have returned!

When TWICE dropped their latest MORE & MORE album, they expressed their hopes that everyone would enjoy the new album as well as their new concept. Everyone doesn’t just enjoy it, however, they absolutely love it!

Returning with their 9th mini-album on June 1, marking their first comeback in 9 months, TWICE proved once again what powerful queens they truly are as they took over the charts worldwide and set some new records while they were at it too.

Image: @twicetagram/Instagram

Even before release, TWICE were already breaking records with their new album but as soon as their latest mini-album was released, TWICE absolutely dominated. Starting with their takeover of iTunes Top Albums chart, TWICE  set a new personal record by topping the charts in 30 countries around the globe including Brazil, Japan, and Indonesia.

Besides their achievement on the iTunes charts, TWICE also took over Line Music’s charts after the album was released in Japan. Their title track “MORE & MORE” obtained the no. 1 spot on Line Music’s Top 100 list while their other tracks including “OXYGEN”, “FIREWORK”, “MAKE ME GO”, “SWEET SUMMER DAY”, “SHADOW”, and “DON’T CALL ME AGAIN” entered the chart’s Top 10.

Screenshot courtesy of @non4na16/Twitter

Unsurprisingly, TWICE also slayed on the domestic charts topping major realtime charts including Genie, Melon, Naver Music, Bugs, and Soribada. “MORE & MORE” even became the fastest girl group song to reach no. 1 on Melon in 2020!

TWICE quickly took over the no. 1 spot on Melon’s realtime chart. Screenshot courtesy of @misayeon/Twitter

As if that wasn’t already enough proof of their unstoppable power, TWICE also achieved the record for the highest-selling girl group album on its first day on the Hanteo chart reaching 200,000 sales! This is also the group’s fastest album to reach this number too!

Furthermore, their title track also took the title for the most unique listeners on the first day on Melon in 2020!

Image: @twicetagram/Instagram

Congratulations TWICE! Now to celebrate with “MORE & MORE”!

Source: Sports Chosun