TWICE’s Tzuyu Earns Praise For Promoting Taiwanese Brands In A Humble And Creative Way

The brand’s staff said they teared up when they heard Tzuyu’s story.

Along with their busy schedules, many K-Pop idols still find time to help charitable causes. Some singers anonymously donate to charities using their hard-earned wealth to give back to less fortunate communities. Artists like BTS, IU, ATEEZ, and many more have donated billions of South Korean won to various charities worldwide.

BTS raised over three million dollars for charity in a campaign partnered with UNICEF, also known as the United Nations Children’s Fund (formerly United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund) | UNICEF/YouTube

Other idols use their fame to give back to their community indirectly. TWICE’s Tzuyu recently gained praise online for the creative and effective way she helped a Taiwanese brand gain more attention.

TWICE’s Tzuyu

In a public Instagram post made by the staff of the Taiwanese brand FEITY, it was revealed that Tzuyu was seen using one of their bags at the airport, which caused a lot of fans to flock to the brand’s Instagram page.

The staff members found out from ONCE, TWICE’s official fandom, that Tzuyu’s mother had a cafe in Taiwan they could visit to show their gratitude since Tzuyu was no longer in the country. Tzuyu’s mother then told them that her daughter intentionally bought the bags from a department store to help promote more local Tainan (a city in Taiwan) brands.

We’ve always thought that Tzuyu used our unknown bags because friends and family gifted them to her. But in reality, all of her FEITY bags were personally purchased by her at our Hayashi Department Store counter. Her mom said Tzuyu has about 10 of our bags, and this time she brought 3 bags over to Korea. Tzuyu’s mom also said Tzuyu knows by using our bags at the airport, pictures of the bags will definitely get taken by fans. She wants more exposure for local Tainan brands…..(I was tearing up when I heard this.) She also said Tzuyu is always like this. Sometimes when she goes to handcraft markets and sees items by small, independent brands, she buys a lot at a time and wears them immediately, so that she can use her power of influence to make an impact for these brands.

Partial translation of the Instagram post made by the staff of FEITY

What makes Tzuyu’s story even more incredible is that she bought the bags shopping with her family as a regular customer instead of taking advantage of her celebrity status.

When I heard Tzuyu’s mom said Tzuyu personally went to buy the bags, I asked the staff, “Why didn’t you notice Tzuyu on that day?” After combing through all of the transaction records around the time when the new items were released, in combination with some key facts that Tzuyu’s mom noted, like “Went with a bunch of family members,” “Bought a few bags on the same day,” “With bows and checkered pattern,” the staff finally realized, “Ah! I remember now. It was during a shift change, and Tzuyu was in a crowd of people and had a mask on, so we didn’t notice.”

Partial translation of the Instagram post made by the staff of FEITY

Tzuyu has always been known for her breathtaking visuals and kind soul, and knowing some of her airport fashion choices are made to help others only makes her more of an angel!


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