TWICE Won Four Awards Thanks To Fans In Brazil And Here Are The Deets

TWICE is loved everywhere. Congratulations, TWICE!

According to fansites Subject KPop and TWICE ZONE BR, TWICE won four awards at the KBRASIL MUSIC AWARDS. The KBRASIL MUSIC AWARDS is an award-event that is based on fan voting. The awards they won are as follows:

Music of the Year


“Music that gets you stuck” of the Year


MV of the Year


Female Group of the Year


2019 has been an incredible year professionally for the women of TWICE. They started the year by winning big at the Golden Disk Awards and they’re continuing their streak by ending the year with even more awards, including two at the Asia Artist Awards in Vietnam. They also broke a bunch of their own records and other artists’ records, and not just in Korea!

Since “Fancy” won so many awards thanks to Brazilian fans, why not give it a listen and celebrate with ONCE and TWICE?