TWICE’s “Feel Special” Surpassed 200,000 Copies Sold, Helping Them Achieve An Impressive Milestone

The mini-album was released at the end of September but has already helped the group achieve so much.

TWICE‘s Feel Special has been doing phenomenally well. First, the music video hit 80 million views in just 11 days and 16 hours, making it their fastest video to hit that milestone.

Next, the mini-album helped them become the bestselling K-Pop girl group in Japan, according to Oricon charts. More recently, they broke their own sales record that was previously held by Fancy You by selling 154,028 copies in its first week. This impressive list is only a few of TWICE’s accomplishments with Feel Special.

They continue adding to their seemingly ever-growing list of achievements, as they surpassed 200,000 copies sold according to the Hanteo Chart. Not only is the number impressive, considering the mini-album was just released at the end of September, but it is the fastest female album (to date) to hit that milestone!

Congratulations, TWICE! We hope you feel special! 😉