Two Songs Earn Sunmi The Most Royalties, And Neither Are “Gashina”

Sunmi gives rare insight into her earnings.

Soloist Sunmi recently made her long-awaited comeback, releasing three new songs, “STRANGER,” “Calm Myself,” and “Call My Name” on October 17.

Sunmi | @official_sunmi/Instagram

To celebrate her comeback, Sunmi was featured as a muse for the unique art program Curator with host HoonD.

Curator features art pieces inspired by their musical guests, making up a special “art museum.”

Host HoonD (left) and Sunmi (right) | 큐레이터 – Curator/YouTube

During the episode, Sunmi reacted to the art pieces and discussed her debut with the Wonder Girls, her songwriting and production involvement, and concepts she wished she had tried when she was younger.

Sunmi revealed that she writes and composes many of her songs, sharing that it’s easier for her to express herself through music.

HoonD asked the veteran artist about the royalties she received for her songwriting and composition credits and wondered which song she received the most money for.

Sunmi revealed that her 2018 song “Siren” and 2020 song “Pporappippam” earned her the most.

The singer seemed to anticipate that netizens might be surprised that her 2017 hit song “Gashina,” which was named the third-best K-Pop song of 2017 by Billboard,  didn’t make the list.

She explained that she collaborated with many composers while creating “Gashina,” so the royalties are divided.

After establishing the songs that earned her the most money, HoonD wanted to know what she could purchase with the money she made from the two songs alone, and Sunmi estimated that she could afford a luxury vehicle with the royalties she’d earned.

Sunmi has the money safely tucked away, revealing she hasn’t touched any of the earnings yet and doesn’t currently have a purchase in mind for the savings.

Sunmi goes into more detail about her songwriting and her new title track, “STRANGER,” during her Curator episode. Check out the full video below!

Source: Billboard