TXT’s Beomgyu Gives All The Details On How He Gets Into Character For “Good Boy Gone Bad”

No wonder his performances of this song are legendary!

TXT‘s Beomgyu totally transformed into a bad boy for “Good Boy Gone Bad,” and he spilled on how he gets into character for the song!

TXT’s Beomgyu | TXT/Weverse

In a new interview with Weverse Magazine, Beomgyu explained how he was able to convey the emotions of “Good Boy Gone Bad” through his singing and his performances of the song.

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The lyrics of “Good Boy Gone Bad” depict how a terrible breakup can cause even the sweetest person to become bad. The lyrics also show how people can embrace their dark side and the emptiness caused by a breakup instead of trying to fight those feelings off.


To convey the emotions of “Good Boy Gone Bad,” Beomgyu pictured himself as someone who had nothing left to lose. However, instead of giving in to those emotions completely, he had to hold some of those emotions back to make sure his performance still looked cool.

I wanted to look as much like a bad boy as possible. I pictured myself as someone with nothing left to lose—somebody who’s gone crazy. It’s hard to put into words, but I was going for the feeling of someone going to a graveyard alone at night. But at the same time, instead of expressing it the full 100%, I had to express only 50 to 60% of that feeling in order to make it come across as cool, so I held back a bit.

— Beomgyu

Beomgyu did an incredible job of showing the emotions in “Good Boy Gone Bad,” and he left us shook with every performance of the song!

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Check out the “Good Boy Gone Bad” video below.




Source: Weverse Magazine