TXT Drops More Teaser Concept Images For “The Dream Chapter: STAR”

They look AMAZING!

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) dropped more teaser images to hype up their upcoming debut with “The Dream Chapter: STAR”.


Yeonjun looked like the cutest blue devil with an ice cream plopped on his shoulder.


Soobin was a sweet, yellow devil as he gazed up with his soft puppy eyes.


Beomgyu was covered in pink donuts that are as adorable as he is!


Hueningkai had the softest blush on his cheeks that fit perfectly with his salmon pink devil concept.


Lastly, maknae Taehyun looked like an adorable troublemaker with his lavender coloring!


TXT will debut in a matter of weeks on March 4th with a special debut showcase!

TXT's Debut