TXT’s Hueningkai Proves He’s The Best Brother By Sharing His Support For Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih On “Queendom 2”

We stan supportive siblings!

When it comes to iconic sibling duos in K-Pop, there are so many to name, whether it’s ONEUS‘s Xion and twin ONEWE‘s Dongmyeong, the AKMU siblings, and many more. One duo that has recently been gaining a lot of love and attention is none other than TXT‘s Hueningkai and his sister Kep1er‘s Huening Bahiyyih.

TXT’s Hueningkai (left) and Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih (right) | TXT/ VLIVE and @official_kep1er/ Twitter

Whether it was to support Hueningkai when he debuted in TXT, or when Bahiyyih debuted with Kep1er and the iconic duo did the “WA DA DA” challenge on the roof of the HYBE building, the duo continues to cement why they are such an iconic duo.

In particular, even before Huening Bahiyyih debuted and was a contestant on Girls Planet 999, Hueningkai always sent her words of wisdom and support, and it seems like it is no different now she’s debuted.

Kep1er is currently participating in Mnet‘s Queendom 2, and as the youngest group in the competition, the idols are competing each week against others in a fierce series of challenges.

Members of Kep1er | Mnet

Although Kep1er have the support of netizens and their fanbase, it seems like they’ve got one more very important fan, and it’s none other than Hueningkai.

On April 20 (KST), Hueningkai started a live broadcast where he chatted about everything from their upcoming comeback, possible spoilers, and much more. He was even joined by some of the members at one point as he chatted to MOAs.

TXT’s Hueningkai | @txt_members/ Twitter

In particular, one fan seemed curious as to whether Hueningkai had time to watch Queendom 2, considering how busy their schedules are in the lead-up to their comeback.

Of course, MOAs know never to doubt Hueningkai as he explained he’s been watching it for Kep1er.

Am I watching Queendom? Yes, I am. I watched it since Hiyyih is on it. They’re doing really well.

— Hueningkai


Yet, if that wasn’t enough, not only was Hueningkai supporting his sister and Kep1er, but he explained that he was always on hand after the shows for advice. In particular, he shared that not only does Huening Bahiyyih contact her after big shows, but how he is so proud.

She contacts me after every big stage performance or before to ask me what to do. I think she’s trying her best. I’m proud of her!

— Hueningkai


Since debuting, Bahiyyih has always had the public support of not only her brother but the rest of the TXT members. Yeonjun even did his own version of the “WA DA DA” challenge during one of his live broadcasts.


Although Kep1er might be the junior group on Queendom 2, they will always have the support of fans and idols. Sometimes siblings might not be close or grow apart, but the Huening siblings have proven this is far from the truth and they are as close as ever, despite their hectic schedules.

You can read more about their iconic sibling relationship below.

The Huening Siblings Reunite As Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih And TXT’s Hueningkai Finally Collab For The “WA DA DA” Challenge

Source: TXT/ VLIVE

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