Tomorrow x Together (TXT) Launches Official Fancafe, And More

Fans can now directly communicate with the TXT members.

BigHit Entertainment‘s upcoming rookie group Tomorrow x Together (TXT) now has an official fancafe, and more!


On February 1, TXT announced the fancafe’s opening on their official Twitter account.


The online community offers fans a way to communicate with the TXT members, and it also includes a section that will offer things like fan chant guides, once TXT debuts. The site currently operates in Korean, English, and Japanese.


TXT has also launched their Vlive channel, which currently has all of their teaser films uploaded to it. The channel went public less than 12 hours ago, but it already has 132,000+ subscribers!


For more, check out the final teaser in the “questioning film” series, and see what TXT is preparing for next.

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