TXT’s Newest Trailer Accused Of Plagiarizing Burberry Ad — Burberry’s Director Responds

“It’s obviously inspired, but I don’t mind.”

TXT just released a very exciting concept trailer for their upcoming comeback, but it has been met with some surprising reactions.

TXT | HYBE Labels

TXT released their The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE Concept Trailer earlier today, exciting all of their eagerly awaiting fans. Right after the release, however, a netizen on an online community noticed a resemblance to an advertisement that was formerly done by fashion brand, Burberry from back in 2020. The netizen brought up the resemblance in a post, pointing out the similarities within the concept of the two videos. The trailer and the advertisement both included the unique concept of weather, with chunks of ice and hail falling from the sky. Here is TXT’s recent concept trailer…

…and here is Burberry’s advertisement for the brand.

Here is another look at TXT’s newly released concept trailer. Viewers can notice the ice chunks that fall behind the TXT members in the trailer, which is the supposed plagiarism that they are being accused of.

Again, we have Burberry’s advertisement and their 2020 campaign for their brand. The fashion powerhouse also utilized the concept of large ice chunks falling from the sky. As the models dance on the streets dressed in Burberry clothing, the ice can be seen breaking all around them.

After viewing the two videos, many other netizens agreed with the original poster, commenting that they see the similarities between the two. Some went as far as saying even the music in the videos were similar.

| theqoo
  • “It is really similar.”
  • “Wow they definitely used it (Burberry’s video) and referred to it while making theirs (TXT’s trailer.)”
  • “Let’s be real, without the Burberry advertisement, they wouldn’t have been able to make their teaser.”
  • “Even the background music is similar.”
  • “They (TXT) definitely got influenced by them (Burberry.)”

In the midst of the allegations, a netizen reached out to Charles Brisgand, who is the director behind the Burberry advertisement. In an Instagram direct message, the netizen asked the director if he had seen TXT’s concept trailer and how he felt about it being similar to his work. As a response, Charles Brisgand stated that he had not been aware of TXT’s trailer, but he didn’t mind their work since it is evident that it was inspired and not fully plagiarized.

| @charlesbrisgand/Instagram

While HYBE Labels (Big Hit Entertainment) has not yet responded to these allegations, Charles Brisgand’s comment may have squashed all impending rumors and backlash.

Here are TXT’s concept trailer and Burberry’s advertisement down below.

Source: theqoo and theqoo