TXT’s Soobin Sparks A Debate After Sharing The Real Reason Why He Doesn’t Reveal His Idol Friends’ Identities

He doesn’t want to “cause inconveniences for his friends.”

TXT‘s Soobin has become the center of an interesting debate after his thoughtful response to a simple question began circulating online. The TXT member recently held a V Live session where the topic of his idol friends came up. It was here that Soobin shared the reason why he doesn’t like to reveal the identity of his idol friends.

TXT’s Soobin | TXT_members/Twitter

Twitter user @304verse shared a translation of Soobin’s V Live conversation. When asked “who are your idol friends,” the TXT member shared that he didn’t want to reveal his friends’ identities because he doesn’t “want to create unnecessary situations or cause inconveniences for my friend.”

And while this is a thoughtful answer to an otherwise innocent question, Soobin’s response sparked a massive debate on both Twitter and Reddit about the potential hidden meaning behind his answer.

Many Reddit users began to discuss their opinions online, with many of them believing that the TXT member responded in this way to protect his friends from the potential backlash from “fans foolish behavior.”

| @Kpop_Friend/Reddit

This Reddit user pointed out another example of how they noticed that TXT and ENHYPEN both seem to“avoid naming/talking about girls group” for the same reason.

| @JaySeulChimJun/Reddit

On the other side of the spectrum, this particular Reddit user shared that Soobin is “a more private person” who may not want his “friendships policed by his fans or his antis.”

| @gsn01/Reddit

It wasn’t just the Reddit community who felt this way, but Twitter users who also agreed that there was more to Soobin’s answer. This Twitter TXT fan shared their opinions on how they believe that “idols know [about] the fanwars going on between their fans and other fans.”

| @jungwonrawr/Twitter

This particular Twitter user expressed their desires for all fan wars to end as it makes the artists “uncomfortable.”

| @AlessandraMM7/Twitter

A TXT fan had a hard time understanding “what’s so wrong about” their favorite biases having other idol friends.

| @mybabytigerkth/Twitter

And lastly, @dearaugust14 on Twitter couldn’t help but express their sadness when thinking about our favorite K-Pop idols and their inability to talk about their friends.

| @dearaugust14/Twitter

While no one will know Soobin’s true intentions with his response, it’s common knowledge that sometimes, tensions between fan clubs happen within the K-Pop industry. Whether or not the TXT member was referring to this fact, we hope that there will come a day when all K-Pop fan clubs co-exist in harmony with one another.

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