Here’s How TXT’s Soobin Reacted When He First Heard The Name MOA

MOAs would probably agree with his opinion.

TXT is celebrating MOA day, the anniversary of their fans receiving their fandom name.

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TXT have often expressed their gratitude and love for their fans. Along with sometimes having fun teasing or flirting with them.

In the past, TXT has admitted that their relationship with their fans started somewhat awkwardly, but the members quickly learned how to share things with their fans and now have the best possible connection.

When we first debuted, it was really awkward to share these things with MOA. But, as time went by, we really became good friends, and it was easier for us to share every little thing. Now, I think there’s no relationship that’s more special.


Yeonjun has even talked about the inspiration that TXT gains from their fans.

We can’t experience everything in the world, so when we see what MOA writes, we really learn how they feel and think. It’s a wonderful inspiration, and they’re a big help to us.

— Yeonjun

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For their anniversary, TXT’s leader, Soobin, left a very sweet message for fans. Promising that he would “be a TXT member for as long as [his] body can endure it.”

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Soobin: MOA day~ Thank you so much for rooting for us, loving us, and watching over us. I’m going to be a TXT member for as long as my body can endure it so MOAs must do the same… you know, right? Happy birthday MOA, I love you~

Soobin also took the time to interact with fans, answering a bunch of questions on Weverse, including what he actually thought about the name MOA when he heard it.

MOAs love their meaningful name, which stands for “Moments of Alwaysness,” representing how TXT and MOAs’ dreams come together to be one dream.

And, much like fans, Soobin admitted that he loved the name MOA when he first heard it.

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Fan: Soobin, what was your reaction when you first found out that the fandom name was MOA?

Soobin: I loved it hahaha isn’t the name MOA so pretty?

You can read more of TXT’s thoughts about their fans here.

TXT’s Relationship With MOA Was Once Awkward, But Not Anymore

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