TXT’s Soobin Proves His Pet Odi Can Actually Do A Flip…Kind Of

“ODI CAN FLIP” even trended online!

TXT‘s Soobin never misses an opportunity to talk about his adorable pet Odi — and MOA never miss an opportunity to ask about the hedgehog!

Soobin from TXT. | @TXT_members/Twitter

Back in July, some lucky MOAs were able to ask Soobin some questions through Weverse. There was a variety of questions about things like his childhood, his memorable experiences while promoting, and words of advice. But one question caught fans’ eyes: “Can Odi flip?

Soobin ended up answering all 40 questions including the one about Odi’s tumbling skills. Turns out, Odi can flip!

Soobin’s answer to a fan’s question. | Weverse

That was the last Soobin ever said on the topic, though MOAs couldn’t stop talking about Odi’s newly revealed trick. Fans weren’t sure whether it was serious or not and hoped they’d get some proof of Odi flipping — and Soobin’s latest post of Odi comes close!

While it’s more of a backwards roll and flipping over, MOAs are taking this as a hilarious follow-up to Soobin’s Q&A back in July.

So many people were talking about Odi that “ODI CAN FLIP” even trended on Twitter!

| Twitter

Odi’s definitely got passionate fans all around the world who can’t wait to see what Odi content Soobin posts next. Read more about Odi’s relationship with the TXT members below!

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Source: Weverse and Twitter