Former U-KISS’s Eli Claims He Doesn’t Love His Ex-Wife…After Previously Agreeing To Move In Together

Just in the last episode, he had agreed to move in with her.

Former U-KISS’s Eli, who is of American citizenship, had married his wife, racing model Ji Yeon Soo in 2017. The couple has a young son together. They announced their divorce in November 2020. On an episode of We Are Divorced 2 that aired on May 20, 2022, Eli had declared his intentions to stay with his ex-wife and son in South Korea.

Eli and Ji Yeon Soo. | | @eli_kim91/Instagram

Back in April, Ji Yeon Soo suggested living together before thinking about remarrying. She proposed that he pay her rent for a room in her house and he could work in Korea while spending time with their son, Min Soo. Eli had agreed.

The couple discussed moving in together. | We Are Divorced 2

In the latest episode of the show, however, he revealed that he had different thoughts. He truthfully expressed his feelings to Ji Yeon Soo and explained that he did not want to get back together. Although the past month with his son and ex-wife felt like they were a family again, he only loves her as the mother of his child. Eli does not want to remarry Ji Yeon Soo.

The couple share their true feelings. | We Are Divorced 2

In the preview clip for the next episode, Eli even told his friends that he did not love Ji Yeon Soo as a woman, but simply the mother of his child. On the other hand, Ji Yeon Soo was spotted telling her friends that she had considered getting back together romantically with Eli. Despite this, Eli does not regret marrying and loving Ji Yeon Soo all those years back.

Stay tuned to find out how the couple will progress!

Source: OSEN