Unfiltered Photos From aespa’s Recent Fansign In France Prove The Members Don’t Need Filters To Look Flawless

They are gorgeous the way they are.

The members of aespa not only stole the show at Paris Fashion Week, but they also proved once again that their visuals are truly unrivaled.

Aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

They were invited to attend the Givenchy fashion show, and they did not fail to live up to their status as brand ambassadors. They looked effortlessly elegant in black Givenchy outfits…

…and they looked truly ethereal at the show, gaining praise for their unreal visuals.

But while fans who met them on the streets of Paris were able to see that they look nothing short of amazing in real life, their appearance in fan-taken photos from their recent fansign event definitively confirms it.

The members were all dressed in Givenchy of course, though in much more casual outfits. In fact, Winter and Giselle shared an outfit…literally.

As usual, Karina was glowing…


…with fans claiming that they were left floored after seeing her in person.

Winter looked sleek in her black turtleneck and bun. Some of the pictures even showed her textured skin, making fans even more appreciative of her natural beauty.


Similarly, Giselle looked effortlessly gorgeous, proving she’s naturally a stunner.


And NingNing, who gained attention during her stay in Paris for her unreal body proportions, once again showed off her simultaneously sexy and adorable visuals.


All in all, the members looked unreal, and they proved they didn’t need any filters to do so.

Giselle (left) and Winter (right)

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