UP10TION’s Lee Jinhyuk Reveals His Stance On Joining BY9

That’s 2 members…

Through his agency, TOP Media, UP10TION‘s Lee Jinhyuk has revealed his position on the possibility of joining the Produce X 101 project group, BY9.

Hello, this is TOP Media

We would like to thank all of the fans for your interest and support for Lee Jin Hyuk’s promotions and activities.

After Produce X 101, the agency and Lee Jinhyuk have received many inquiries and questions about the project group BY9, and we would like to make an official statement.

We have supported and planned for Lee Jinhyuk’s individual activities, and have also positively reviewed the 9 member BY9 that many of the fans support.

We would like to say that we are interested in joining BY9, but only if it is as currently planned, with 9 members. We are not considering joining any other project groups.

We are preparing and carrying out various different activities for Lee Jinhyuk, and we will share with the fans any news of upcoming activities.

Thank you.

— TOP Media

BY9 is a project group that was created with a similar concept as JBJ and I.B.I, taking trainees that were eliminated from contention from debuting in the winning group. Fans raised ₩100 million KRW in an attempt to fund the group’s debut, and C9 Entertainment‘s trainee Geum Donghyun has echoed the same sentiments as Lee Jinhyuk, only joining the group if it is all 9 members.

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Source: Xportnews