“The Veil” Actress Goes Viral For Having A Handful Of Familiar Faces In One — Check Out Her Mysterious Visual

Do you see them too? 🤔

Actress Kim Ji Eun is not a rookie. She debuted as a model in 2016 with a TV commercial and has since been building her filmography with numerous K-Drama and K-Movie roles. In fact, K-Pop fans know her too from her appearance in DAY6‘s 2017 music videos.

She did, however, rise to greater stardom since taking on the role of agent Yoo Je Yi in MBC‘s new blockbuster series The Veil. With the ratings breaking 9% for the first time in a while for the MBC channel, viewers are growing more curious about the familiar and new faces of The Veil‘s cast.

Actress Kim Ji Eun as agent Yoo Je Yi in “The Veil.” | @mbcdrama_pre/Twitter

Specifically, it is Kim Ji Eun’s visual which has gone viral on Korean online communities for resembling a handful of familiar faces! Korean viewers found hints of various K-Pop idols like ITZY‘s Ryujin

Kim Ji Eun (left) and ITZY’s Ryujin (right) | @kj_ieun/Instagram & @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram

…and Apink‘s Son Naeun.

Kim Ji Eun (left) and Apink’s Son Naeun (right) | @kj_ieun/Instagram & @marcellasne_/Instagram

Other names mentioned included AOA‘s Seolhyun

Kim Ji Eun (left) and AOA’s Seolhyun (right) | @kj_ieun/Instagram & @sh_9513/Instagram

…idol-turned-actress YoonA

Kim Ji Eun (left) and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA | @kj_ieun/Instagram

…and even BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo too!

Kim Ji Eun (left) and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo (right) | @kj_ieun/Instagram & @sooyaaa__/Instagram

Some viewers also thought of fellow actresses when they saw Kim Ji Eun’s face — like Han So Hee

Kim Ji Eun (left) and actress Han So Hee (right) | International BNT & Dispatch

…and Shin Se Kyung.

Kim Ji Eun (left) and actress Shin Se Kyung (right) | International BNT & ELLE Korea

While she does come with a versatile visual of a dozen faces, Kim Ji Eun offers her own, unique aura. K-Drama and K-Movie lovers look forward to seeing more of this actress on screens and TV alike!


  • “She’s somewhere in between Ryujin and Han So Hee.”
  • “I definitely see Shin Se Kyung.”
  • “When I saw her in the K-Drama for the first time, I asked myself, ‘Oh, does Ryujin act too? Is this a special appearance?’ Haha.”
  • “I saw her in Hell Is Other People. I honestly thought she and Ryujin are twins.”
  • “Yup, I see Ryujin, Jisoo, and Han So Hee.”
  • “Wow, she really does have a dozen faces in one.”
  • “Yeah, I felt like I know her face from somewhere… but at the same time, like I’ve never seen her before. My mom asked if she’s Han So Hee though.”
Source: THEQOO

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