#StayStrongTOP trends internationally following T.O.P’s hospitalization

K-Pop fans from every fandom have united together to trend #StayStrongTOP on Twitter, in reaction to T.O.P critical health condition.

T.O.P is currently in the hospital, in critical condition, after a drug overdose on prescribed medicine. To show T.O.P their love, VIPs are sending messages through Twitter using the hashtag #StayStrongTOP.

Tweet a message to T.O.P using #StayStrongTOP by clicking the button below.



All These Fan Groups Are Sending Support To T.O.P

Fandoms of BTS, Super Junior, 2NE1, TVXQ, ASTRO and more are coming together to help #StayStrongTOP trend on Twitter.

In a show of amazing love and support, K-Pop fans from all over the world are hoping for T.O.P to recover quickly.

The Last Update So Far From YG Entertainment

[★BREAKING] YG Entertainment Makes Official Statement About T.O.P’s Condition

His condition has not seen an official update from his family or YG Entertainment since he was taken to the hospital. The only updates so far have been confirming that he was in the intensive care unit, after media reports claimed he had woken up.


“T.O.P is still in the intensive care unit we are currently waiting on the test results and the opinion from the doctor.” — YG Entertainment

Breaking Updates: T.O.P’s Condition After Being Rushed To Hospital

[★BREAKING] YG Entertainment confirms T.O.P overdosed and in critical condition

[★BREAKING] Reports of T.O.P waking up after overdose are false

[★BREAKING] T.O.P Found Unconscious, Suspected Drug Overdose

[★UPDATE] T.O.P Revealed To Have Been Using Sedative Drugs Regularly

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