VIVIZ’s SinB And WJSN’s Eunseo Join Forces On “Queendom 2” To Battle Against Mnet’s Evil Editing

It is truly “Queen Behavior” by taking back control!

When it comes to Mnet and their reality shows, netizens have always assumed that they have a plan when they create the shows. Whether it’s evil editing idols to create drama or creating challenges to make it seem like the groups are rivals, netizens have become accustomed to their methods.

Even though netizens know all about it, it seems like Mnet have continued this approach when airing their recent reality show Queendom 2.

The cast of “Queendom 2” | Mnet

It all started in the very first episode when Mnet tried to evil edit VIVIZ‘s SinB. SinB was seen calling over to WJSN‘s Yeoreum. As SinB said, “Excuse me, Yeoreum,” Mnet edited it so it seemed dramatic when Yeoreum and the other members looked at the VIVIZ member. SinB then explained, “(Aren’t we) your seniors? Please hurry and tell your members that.”

| Mnet/ YouTube

| Mnet/ YouTube   

Well, it seems like the groups have taken matters into their own hands in the recent episode to stop Mnet from trying to create rivalries between the groups.

During the past few episodes, the groups had to take one of their competitor’s songs and put their own twist on it. WJSN and VIVIZ took on each other’s tracks, with WJSN doing GFRIEND’s “Navillera” and VIVIZ covering “UNNATURAL.”

WJSN covering a GFRIEND song | Mnet/ YouTube

VIVIZ covering a WJSN song | Mnet/ YouTube   

During the recent episode, it seems like Mnet wanted to showcase a feud between the groups but it didn’t go to plan. Before the performance, WJSN went to greet VIVIZ and wish them good luck ahead of the stage. The group came in chanting, “Ah VIVIZ! Ah, VIVIZ! Fighting!

| Mnet/ YouTube 

Although it seemed cute, the groups seemed to want to create drama so that Mnet couldn’t edit them in a way they didn’t want. After their chants, WJSN member Eunseo wanted to give VIVIZ support, so she said, “Hey there, I will look forward to it.” However, because of her tone and the language, iconic SinB returned. She joked, “‘Hey there?’ Are you saying ‘hey there’ to a senior?” and Eunseo cheekily replied, “Honey.”

| Mnet/ YouTube

If that wasn’t enough, when VIVIZ stepped on stage to perform, the MCs asked if they had any words for WJSN. SinB once again lived up to her iconic reputation by saying, “We’re totally going to tear up the stage…

| Mnet/ YouTube 

Yet, Eunseo seems to be coming for SinB’s crown as she had an equally hilarious response to the comment as she replied, “If she does that, I’ll sew it back up.

| Mnet/ YouTube

At first, netizens were worried about what Mnet might do and how they would portray the idols. It seems like idols are becoming more aware of Mnet and their tactics, and they’re finding a way to take back control of the situation.

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