VIXX’s N Kept Every Single Stamp From The Letters He Received From Fans While In The Military

He turned the stamps into a piece of art!

Although VIXX‘s lovely leader N is constantly showing Starlight just how much they mean to him, upon his return from the military he had fans truly feeling the love with a very special piece of artwork.

| @achahakyeon/Instagram

After enlisting in March 2019, N successfully completed his military service as of October 7 KST. Upon his return, N sent out a heartfelt message to fans thanking them for their support during his time in the military.

I have returned! It can be seen as both a short and long time depending on how you look at it, but it was a time in which I learned and grew a lot. I will continue to support my juniors who are still carrying out their duties. I will become a Cha Hak Yeon who works even harder. Thank you for waiting and supporting me. Salute! Sergeant Cha Hak Yeon has officially been discharged on October 7. Salute!

⁠— N

While his message was already incredibly touching, N had even more in store for Starlight as he went live to share stories, photos, and more with fans. During the broadcast, he also shared that he had not only received but read every single letter they had sent him. Not only that, but he had kept every single stamp from those letters!

After the live, he posted more pictures of the heartwarming piece of artwork created from the love between Starlight and N!

| @achahakyeon/Instagram

Further showing his love and appreciation, N captioned the post with, “Every word in the letters cheered me on. When I was lonely, when I was tired, when I missed the stage.. It gave me a lot of strength. Thank you and thank you.

| @achahakyeon/Instagram

Touching everyone’s heart with the unique pice, his sweet message for fans, and his big show of love for Starlight, it’s clear just how much Starlight truly mean to N!