VIXX’s Ravi Announces A June Comeback With Gorgeously Flowery Teaser Image

Ravi is back and in love!

VIXX‘s Ravi is making a return! A few hours ago, Ravi announced that he would be making a comeback next month! This will be his first big comeback since July of last year, although he released the single “Bum” in February.

| @RAVI_GTCK/Twitter

This comeback will be for his fourth EP titled ROSES. At the same time, he released his first teaser images for the album, which will be dropping on June 3.

The images included a gorgeous rose poster and a selection of various vegetables, plants, and bread in the other.

ROSES expresses the feelings of love through various perspectives with sensual lyrics and sounds.



| @ravithecrackkidz/Instagram

Ravi has proved to be a versatile artist capable of mastering many different concepts and even his own entertainment company! Fans can’t wait to see what is new EP will bring.

Source: Sports Kyunghyang and Image


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