VIXX’s Leo Began His Military Enlistment Today, Released Photos Of Fan Meet And New Song For Fans

He found a beautiful way to say goodbye (for now) to fans.

Following in the footsteps of VIXX‘s leader N, who was the first member to enlist earlier this year, Leo is set to begin his military enlistment today as a public service worker.

Last month, Leo opened up in a letter to fans about his military enlistment as he shared that he would be a public service worker and not a soldier. His agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, also confirmed he would be working as a public service worker in a statement released to the press.

VIXX Leo will begin serving in public service on December 2. Leo has been suffering from panic disorder and depression since 2013, and has tried to overcome it through medication, but inevitably, he was declared to serve as a public service worker.

—Excerpt from Jellyfish Entertainment’s statement on Leo’s enlistment

Leo held a fan meeting prior to his enlistment, which both he and the official VIXX Instagram account later shared pictures of online.

He captioned the post with a sweet message to Starlights (VIXX fans) that read:


I have so much to say but please be healthy. See you soon. I love you.

Yesterday, Leo released a song for Starlights titled “December, The Night of Dreams” which has a dreamy melody that should comfort fans as he begins his enlistment.

Source: Naver