WAKEONE’s Recent Actions With ZEROBASEONE’s Ricky Has Fans Demanding Better Treatment For The Idol

The anger from fans toward the company is only growing!

WAKEONE‘s recent actions with ZEROBASEONE‘s Ricky have fans of the group demanding better treatment.


Since he made his first appearance on Mnet‘s show Boys Planet, Ricky has been gaining huge popularity through his talent, visuals, and charisma.


It earned Ricky fourth place and a spot in ZEROBASEONE but, since the group was formed, netizens have raised concerns about Ricky’s treatment.

Earlier in the month, netizens shared their anger about the “erasure” of Ricky from content, such as the Mnet reality show trailer and the group chant from the KCON behind-the-scenes footage. While it was only early, many thought it wasn’t acceptable and could easily showcase Ricky’s future.

Yet, it seems like fans are angered again after recent actions from WAKEONE have netizens demanding better treatment for Ricky.

On June 11, ZEROBASEONE was spotted at the airport, and it seemed like the members were flying to Jeju to film an upcoming reality series.

Jeju Island is in Korea, so you wouldn’t need a passport unless you’re not a Korean citizen.

WAKEONE seemingly forgot about the fact they had two Chinese members in the group, and when Zhang Hao and Ricky went to be checked in, they were refused entry as they didn’t have their passports.

While the anger was initially about WAKEONE’s lack of preparation and treatment towards Ricky and Hao, the follow-up had fans even more infuriated.

It seems as if the company employees found a way for Hao to get on the plane, whether it was a photo or some proof from his phone.

It meant that only Ricky was unable to fly with the rest of the members. Although it isn’t always possible to change flights, especially overseas, many thought they would change the flight or at least postpone filming until Ricky arrived in Jeju Island.

Instead of waiting for the idol, not only did netizens notice that Ricky was left alone at the airport…

But that when the other eight members landed in Jeju, they immediately started recording without Ricky.

When all the clips were shared, netizens couldn’t hide their anger at Ricky’s treatment again. Although WAKEONE’s lack of preparation impacted both the group’s Chinese members, it was Ricky who had to stay alone while the rest of the group traveled together to record.

Of course, it’s not about fans wanting special treatment for Ricky, but just that he is given the same respect as the rest of the members. For a group that hasn’t debuted, it would be hard to be split up from the members, and considering Ricky is Chinese, it would’ve been harder.

You can read more about netizens’ anger with Ricky’s treatment below.

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