Netizen That Falsely Claimed Former Wanna One’s Park Jihoon Bullied Him Revealed To Be A 28 Year Old Office Worker

His lawyer told all.

In 2017, community posts online targeted former Wanna One‘s Park Jihoon with allegations of bullying. However, it was only recently revealed that these allegations were completely false and were fabricated by a 28 year old (Korean age) office worker.

As the office worker had no relation to Park Jihoon at all, the result of investigation was surprising. Park Jihoon’s lawyer revealed on Feburary 14, 2021 that back in 2017, he had been in charge of the case, defending Park Jihoon.


At that point of time, Produce 101 had just concluded and Park Jihoon was at the peak of popularity, getting ready to debut under Wanna One. He had been at the receiving end of multiple false claims and malicious rumors.

It was revealed that when Park Jihoon had realized that the perpetrator was almost 10 years older than him, he still requested for strict action to be taken against him.

Park Jihoon now is active as a solo singer and actor after Wanna One disbanded following the end of their promotional contract.

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